21 2 / 2010


having been given an amazing book on bread for my birthday (thankyou Abs) i set about a successful breadmaking attempt.

New learnings - such as how to tell when the dough is risen (but not under-risen or over-risen) from smell and touch (as opposed to relying on a set amount of time) -saw me make my best loaf yet. this is a simply country loaf (enjoyed with some Hereford Hop cheese)… hopefully more exciting things will follow.

21 2 / 2010

a slightly belated edition: my ‘IronCupcake’ entry from Nov 09 (I’ve been busy since then!). The theme was ‘spice’ and these here are my chai chocolate spice cupcakes.

As you can see from the cupcake carnage images it was somewhat ovewhelming!! The standard of entries was high, and I failed to make it into the top 3, but I like to think i was probably there in 4th place! 

For more info on the event go to http://thecakedcrusader.blogspot.com/search/label/iron%20cupcake

08 11 / 2009

Little did Laura know her mention of seeing the coolest cake ever in the shape of a hedgehog would be stored away ready to be recalled and actioned on the ocassion of her next birthday. Together Susan and I created the structural masterpiece from chocolate sponge, fixed together with chocolate buttercream icing. The outer icing was a chocolate ganache, topped with buttons pushed vertically into the sponge. The face was made from sugar paste (coloured with cocoa). Ta-Dah!

27 10 / 2009

one i made earlier

one i made earlier

25 10 / 2009

Emily(recently enagaged): I have a favour to ask

Isabel: Ok, what is it?!

Emily: Would you make cupcakes for my wedding?

Isabel: Of course! I would ABSOLUTely love to, it would be an honour, a joy, fun! As long as it isn’t some ridiculous number like 150 or something!

Emily: …well I was thinking 160 would be enough.

Isabel: Oh.


168 cupcakes later and I never want to see another for atleast… 48 hours (let’s not be too extreme). Photos document some of the process and the final outcome - Vanilla, chocolate and lemon, all with beautiful homemade sugar heart decoration… courtesy of my mother’s fair hands.

25 10 / 2009

a few old phone pics of baked creations (my own) to get started…

25 10 / 2009

This is my first blog post ever. I find the whole blogging thing a bit overwhelming so my aim here is to be simple. Maybe the point of blogging is to ramble somewhat (not something I am unknown to do) but as the focus of bake-a-way will be a documentation of culinary creations (my own and others) the majority of the content will be visual - if only taste and smell could accompany that! - with the minimum of text as way of explanation/elaboration.